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50 Days Until The Draft: A Look At The 50th Overall Picks

March 8, 2012 Leave a comment

There are just over 7 weeks until the draft, here’s a quick look at the players selected 50th overall:

# of players selected: 42

# of 50th overall picks to appear in a game in 2011: 8 – Marcus Gilchrist (2011), Javier Arenas (2010), Mohamed Massaquoi (2009), Calais Campbell (2008), Marcus McNeill (2006), Ronald Bartell (2005), Devery Henderson (2004), Dominic Raiola (2001)

Average # of games played: 76

# of players to appear in at least 100 games: 15

# of players to appear in less than 16 games: 10

Most games played:  Eddie Robinson (1992), 175

Most passes attempted: Shaun King (1999), 738

Most rushing yards: Ed Marinaro (1972), 1319

Most receptions: Devery Henderson (2004), 223

Most receiving yards: Devery Henderson (2004), 4061

Most sacks: Michael Dean Perry (1988), 61.0

Most interceptions: Bill Simpson (1974), 34

Amongst the more recent #50 overall selections, the San Diego Chargers found two guys who contributed significantly in their first year in Marcus McNeill (2006) and Marcus Gilchrist (2011). The Cardinals found a franchise defensive player in DE Calais Campbell (2008) and the Lions snagged long time starting center Dominic Raiola (2001). Devery Henderson (Saints, 2004) and Chester Pitts (Houston, 2002) have been contributors, each appearing in over 100 games throughout their careers.

Despite those success, the #50 pick has produced a lot of flops as well over the last 15 years: Mohamed Massaquoi (Cleveland, 2009), Chris Henry (Tennessee, 2007), Bruce Nelson (Carolina, 2003), Barrett Green (Detroit, 2000), Shaun King (Tampa Bay, 1999), Mike Logan (Jacksonville, 1997), Patrick Sapp (San Diego, 1996).

Other notable #50 picks include 7 year starting CB Bobby Taylor (Philadelphia, 1995), reliable DT Brenston Buckner (Pittsburgh, 1995) who appeared in 174 games over a 12 year career, 11 year starting LB Eddie Robinson (1992, Houston), 6 time Pro Bowl DT Michael Dean Perry (1988, Cleveland), and long time starters LB Winston Moss (1987, Tampa Bay),G Tom Newberry (Rams, 1986) and DB Bill Simpson (1974, Rams). Germane Crowell (1998, Lions) is perhaps the best example of a “what if” player – looking like a budding superstar before suffering a career altering knee injury.

Among #50 picks who are not currently active in the NFL, the average number of games played was 77 over 6.4 league years. However, those same players averaged only 3.2 seasons of being a full time starter. 4 of the 42 #50 picks since 1970 made the Pro Bowl: Marcus McNeill, Bobby Taylor, Michael Dean Perry and Tom Newberry. Only Perry and Newberry were named to the All Pro team (each made it twice).

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