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Around The League: 32 Teams/32 Musings

Indianapolis Colts – Getting Andrew Luck is a great way to revitalize the franchise, but make no mistake: the Colts need to find a whole lot of talent in this draft. Getting Luck a receiver in round 2 and some defensive help would go a long way to helping his development
Washington Redskins – The Redskins might be closer to contending than people think if RGIII turns out to be a quality NFL QB. They need to find a playmaker on offense somewhere in the draft.


Cleveland Browns – Offense, offense, offense. The Browns cannot afford to come out of this draft without adding quality offensive talent. Their already decent (or better) defense could use another player in the front 7 (DE or LB) if a good value presents itself. Trading up to #3 to get Trent Richardson seems a bit unnecessary, but he will help the Browns offense significantly
Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings have a lot of holes to address, both starting talent and quality depth. Tough to go wrong with either Kalil or Claiborne.  Trading to #4 helps by giving them enough picks to fill holes on Day 3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – What will they do if Claiborne and Richardson are both gone? Finding defensive depth in the mid/late rounds is crucial
St. Louis Rams – Holes everywhere. DT and WR have been perpetual problems and their DB corps is in need of talent. Les Snead and Jeff Fisher have their work cut out for them
Jacksonville Jaguars – An impact WR would go a long way to help Blaine Gabbert develop. A passrusher is also a priority.
Miami Dolphins – Not coming away with one of Tannehill, Floyd or Blackmon would be tough to stomach. The Dolphins won’t be serious AFC East contenders without a better QB than David Garrard/Matt Moore.
Carolina Panthers – A good draft could propel Carolina into a top team. A WR opposite Steve Smith and reinforcements on defense are needs. An impact pass rushing DT would make Ron Rivera happy.
Buffalo Bills – A LT seems to be the obvious need, QB, CB and WR are all possible early needs as well.
Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs could go in a number of directions. Matt Cassel isn’t the answer, so finding a possible replacement would make sense. DL and WR help are needed.
Seattle Seahawks – Having hitched their wagon to Matt Flynn, the Seahawks could stand to bolster their WR corps and add some talent in the front 7. LB and DE (LEO) are big holes right now.
Arizona Cardinals – OL seems to be the obvious pick, but a WR or pass rusher would make sense as well. Michael Floyd would look pretty good opposite Larry Fitzgerald. QB is a need, though they might not feel they need to address it this year.
Dallas Cowboys – This draft needs to be defense oriented, with help in the secondary and a playmaker up front must-haves
Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles love to draft from the inside out and their first rounder will most likely be on a lineman of some sort. LB help and DB depth are needed. Possibly a QB if Michael Vick isn’t the long term answer.
New York Jets – Mike Tannenbaum is aggressive and usually gets the guy he wants. A RB and impact pass rusher are obvious needs. Safety is a big hole, and they could even go WR. The Jets have a lot of holes to fill, and this is an important draft for the team of Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan.
Cincinnati Bengals – If the Bengals want to become perennial playoff contenders, they need to bolster their secondary and give Andy Dalton more weapons on offense
San Diego Chargers – The perpetually underachieving Chargers need to find a game-changing talent on either side of the ball. They brought in veteran WR’s but a 2nd round receiver with big-play ability would make sense.
Chicago Bears – The Bears did a good job addressing the offensive side of the ball in free agency. Their defense is getting old in key spots and young replacements are needed. Depth on defense is also a must
Tennessee Titans – They added Kam Wimbley to bolster their pass rush but could still look for a DE. A disruptive DT and a center are key holes to fill
Detroit Lions – Secondary help has to be priority 1. A DE to play opposite Cliff Avril is needed as well.
Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers have to protect Ben Roethlisberger better. O-Line has to be addressed early and often or the Steelers won’t get back to the Super Bowl
Denver Broncos – Interior DL help is the obvious need but Denver doesn’t always go the obvious route. Secondary help or even more offensive playmakers for Peyton Manning could be brought in early.
Houston Texans – A #2 WR opposite Andre Johnson would make the Texans offense downright scary. Their already stout defense could benefit from a LB to replace the traded Demeco Ryans
New England Patriots – Who knows what Bill Belichick will do? Front 7 and safety are huge issues for the Pats but Belichick often strays from the obvious needs. Interior OL and WR depth are possibilities early. Don’t be surprised by another RB.

Green Bay Packers – Front 7 help is crucial. A DE and pass-rusher have to be brought in if the Packers want to avoid having to win shootouts in 2012
Baltimore Ravens – Finding replacements for Ed Reed and Ray Lewis is a top priority. WR and OL could be other spots to fill early on.
San Francisco 49ers – A red zone target has to be found, Coby Fleener would be a good fit. A dynamic playmaker at WR or a “home-run” RB could work as well. The offense has to get the bulk of attention early on.
New York Giants – The Giants could use another RB and love to add defensive talent. They have a ton of flexibility and recent history suggests they will walk out of this draft with several good players to help them try to repeat as champions
Atlanta Falcons – No first round pick, but no real huge holes to fill. Pass rusher and front 7 talent has to be addressed as the Falcons failed to get enough pressure on opposing QB’s at key spots last season
New Orleans Saints – The Saints are lacking picks, so they can go BPA and hope to find some talented backups and rotational players. Should be a fairly quiet few days in New Orleans
Oakland Raiders – Like the Saints, things will be quiet for Oakland though unlike New Orleans, the Raiders have a lot of holes to fill. Depth on defense and along the OL should be coming when Oakland finally comes on the clock.

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