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22 Hours to Go: Final 2012 Draft Rankings Posted

My final draft rankings can be found here: Final 2012 Draft Rankings


By the numbers:


Tier 1 prospects:  6

Tier 2 prospects:  14

Tier 3 prospects:  33

Tier 4 prospects: 43

Tier 5 prospects: 78

Tier 6 prospects: 87

Tier 7 prospects: 115

Total prospects: 376


376 prospects might seem like a lot, given there are only 253 picks in this draft but consider:

– Last year there were over 450 rookies who appeared on NFL rosters in some form for at least one week: active roster, IR or practice squad.

– My board does not eliminate draftable prospects based on criteria such as: character, medical, scheme fit, etc. Many NFL teams will have their own wishlist pared down significantly based on those factors.

– This draft is deeper than average in the mid/late rounds. While I don’t think this draft will churn out a lot of stars, and it’s a weak crop in many ways, there is a larger-than-average pool of guys who project as backups and rotational players. Furthermore, there is a glut of quality WR’s and RB’s and a number of CB’s (though I’m less sold on the overall quality of corners than receivers and running backs).
Check back tomorrow before the draft for my final downloadable big board and last second draft thoughts.

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