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76 Days Until The Draft: A Look Back At The 76th Pick

With only two and a half months to go before the NFL Draft, here’s a quick look at the 76th overall pick in the draft since the AFL/NFL merger in 1970:

# of players selected: 42

# of 76th overall picks to appear in a game in 2011: 4 – William Rackley (2011), DeAndre Levy (2009), Jason Hill (2007), Ron Edwards (2001)

Average # of seasons appearing in at least 1 game: 5.1

Average # of games played: 64

# of players to appear in at least 100 games: 10

# of players to appear in less than 16 games: 8

Most games played: Chris Chandler (1988), 180

# of Pro Bowlers: 5 – Ahman Green (1998), Chris Chandler (1988), John Taylor (1986), Fredd Young (1984), Doug Cosbie (1979)

Most passes attempted: Chris Chandler (1988), 4005

Most rushing yards: Ahman Green (1998), 9205

Most receptions: Ahman Green (1998), 378

Most receiving yards: John Taylor (1986), 5598

Most sacks: Fredd Young (1984), 21

Most interceptions: Gerald Irons (1970), 13

Like most 3rd round pick slots, pick 76 has yielded only a few quality players, a number of short-term starters and backups. 1986 pick John Taylor saw his career get off to a great start though it fizzled quickly. However, his game winning catch in Super Bowl XXIII is one of the all-time great moments in NFL history. More Super Bowl heroics can be found from 2000 76th pick J.R. Redmond who was instrumental in the Patriots’ 2001 Super Bowl run, making key catches on the Patriots late-game drives.

Playoff heroics weren’t in the cards for the only 76th pick to be an All-Pro – 1984 selection Fredd Young is best remembered for a controversial call which didn’t go his way. In overtime of a 1987 playoff game between the Seahawks and Oilers, Young appeared to have intercepted a pass but the referees ruled that he trapped the ball against the ground. That non-interception ended up costing Young’s Seahawks the game. Young, whose career got off to a tremendous start – making the Pro Bowl in each of his first 4 seasons and racking up 19 sacks in 41 games as an inside linebacker – was shipped off to Indianapolis just a few months after the “interception that wasn’t” in exchange for a pair of 1st round picks. He was out of the league at the end of the 1990 season at the age of only 29, playing only 41 games in 3 years for the Colts.


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