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Wes Welker’s Continued Cooling

Last time we checked in on Wes Welker’s pace, he had predictably cooled off from his torrid start to the season. However, even a month ago he still was on track to top Jerry Rice’s all time receiving yards record. Since then, he’s had two very quiet games (totaling a mere 8 catches for 58 yards) between two big games (17 catches, 251 yards). As a result, he’s fallen off the pace to break Rice’s record. Although, it should be noted that Rice finished his record-setting season with a staggering 26 catches for 452 yards in his final 2 games. Had he maintained the pace he set through his first 11 games that season, he would not have set the record. So there’s still hope for those who hope to see Welker break the record. Here’s how things shape up through 11 games:

At his current pace, Welker will end up with 120 catches for 1662  yards.  Certainly a great season – it would land Welker at 8th overall. In order for Welker to top Rice’s 1995 yardage, he will need to average 141.2 yards per game from here on out. That seems very unlikely, even with the Patriots’ cushy schedule down the stretch. Most likely, Welker will end up with an impressive (but not record breaking) 1500-1600 yards.

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