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Quick Hit: The Disastrous 2009 WR Free Agent Class

As I’ve discussed, drafting a WR is very tricky. So, it would make more sense to sign a guy who was already established in the league…right? Well, not so fast. Following the 2008 season there was a ton of money thrown at free agent WR’s (presumably because teams can’t find the right guy in the draft). Just a few years later, and it looks like a nearly complete disaster. Check it out:



Here are 6 of the biggest value contracts handed out in the 2009 offseason. Of these deals, only Nate Washington is still playing for his new team. Houshmandzadeh, Holt, Jones and Coles only lasted one year in their new homes and Bryant never appeared in a game for the Bengals due to a “lingering knee issue” (which apparently wasn’t noticed in his physical). For those who like to keep track of such things, Houshmandzadeh raked in a cool $189,873 per reception in Seattle, Coles $226,744 per catch and Brandon Jones only made one catch with the 49ers on his $16.5M contract. Luckily, San Francicso was smart enough to limit the guaranteed portion of his deal. Nate Washington, the “success” of the bunch still doesn’t look too great, putting up 89 total catches in 2009-2010. With Kenny Britt out this year, it lo0ks like Washington could finally earn his contract – he’s caught 28 passes already, putting him on pace to haul in 90 over the course of the season.

The lesson here seems to be: if you find a good WR who fits your scheme and has good chemistry with your QB, don’t let him go.

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